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Candidates & Parties   Policy Advocacy & Organization Building

We provide campaign and elections information and trainings for candidates and parties. We can guide you when writing your campaign plan or assist with targeting and message development. 
We provide polling and focus group services to test public perceptions and to help you frame the issues that you deeply care about. 
We can devise a communications outreach plan specific to your community norms and marketing area. 
We can train someone on your staff to implement and maintain a communications plan.


We provide policy research on local, state, and national issues supporting candidates, government organizations, and political caucuses. 
We provide not only the research, but also a “political mapping” of potential allies and foes, including techniques for coalition building with other individuals and their organizations. We provide the arguments you can expect from others and the talking points you will need to respond effectively. 
We can also provide advocacy training and media packets for your organization’s advocacy initiatives. We provide committee, department, and organizational evaluations & trainings to help you identify your goals and work more effectively.

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